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Commission on Information and Communication Technology
iSchools CAMP BLOG 2009


This proposal declares the information as an implementing guidelines on the integration of ICT in all learning areas.

Proposal Number 1:     On maximazing the integration of BLOG.

1.1    The school administrator shall formulate necessary programs and                     policies to adopt the existing ischools projects.

1.2    The teachers/implementors upon receiving the memorandum issued by                 the school administrator shall suggest ways and means on how BLOG                 can be     incorporated in their respective areas.

1.3    Appreciate the importance of BLOG in the efficient and effective                  delivery and transformation of knowledge.

Proposal Number 2:    On the link of ICT to lesson plans.

2.1    Teachers shall make use of the available materials in the internet thru                 the aid of website.If necessary compile files from the web (such as                 videos, films,and the like) to be used as instructional audio and video                 materiasl.

2.2    Teachers shall  submit themselves on trainings and workshop on how                 ICT can be incorporated in their respective teaching loads.

2.3    Appreciate the imporatncce of integrating ICT in teaching and                     student learning process.

Proposal Number 3:    On maintaining the use of ICT.

3.1    The administrator, with hs/her ICT implementors shall establish good                 relationship with the ICT Officials for the continuity of support                     extended from the main office to their stations.

3.2    The administrator and the teachers shall establish linkage with the                 community to solicit support whether financial or material in the                     procurement of instructional audio and vides materials such as                     computers, LCD projectors, and the internet connections.
3.3    The administrator shall designate teacher/s to manage the computer                 laboratory for the sustainability on the use of ICT.
3.4    The laboratory manager/s, with his/her shall formulate apecific rules                 and or guidelines on the use of ICT  for both teahers and students.

Proposal Number 4:    On the application of ICT

4.1    Teachers shall make use of ICT to make teaching effective.
4.2    Integrate the use of BLOG in the presentation of a more concrete data                 or evidence that would trigger students active participation in the                     learning process.
4.3    Students and teachers shall provide ample time for hands on and on-                line works on projects, quizzes,tests and the like.

Proposal Number 5:    On the usability of BLOG.

5.1    The teachers shall have linkage with the teachers and students thru the                 use of blog for the porpuse of monitoring and evaluation of students                 works.
5.2    Instruct students tyo always visit their blogs to update with the                     suggestions, comments and recommendations of thaie teachers.
5.3    Instruct students to make their educational Blog thru Posting                     assisgnments, trivia, subject modules and ralates activties about                     education

Proposal number 6:    On the effectivity of classroom instruction and the enhancement             of learning process.

6.1    Students and teachers shall make use of free time to post educational related                 informations on their blogs.
6.2    Teachers and students shall use blogs as one of the best ways in meeting the                 demands of the present system of our education.

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